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Hello world!

April 25, 2007

Hello World.

I was using Blogspot all this while as my personal blogging tool but when I came across WordPress, just could not prevent myself from starting one here.

Here goes about me-

I am a software engineer working with CSC in Chennai. I think writing software is the most satisfying (and rewarding!!) job or hobby you can get. One of the best things I like about that is the full control that you have when you write a program. You define the rules and it works out the same way you wanted it to. Every single time.

My primary work is in Java language and I do projects on J2EE. I have used frameworks like Hibernate, Spring, Struts, AOP and AJAX.

This blog will be my journal of things that I learn at workplace but also the things I read and find interesting.

So, watch out!