Accelerate Youtube videos with Speedbit

Just came across this download – SpeedBit Video Accelerator for Youtube. As the name suggests, it speeds up youtube videos so that there no breaks while watching the video.

It is basically re routes the download to its own servers where smart algorithms use multi channeling to download videos. I did find a significant improvement in video streaming using it! But sadly, its available only for Windows OS’s 😦


2 Responses to “Accelerate Youtube videos with Speedbit”

  1. RoeJoe Says:

    You can download the new video accelerator 2.2 beta which is excellent and speeds up videos from like over 50+ sites such as facebook, myspace video, espn, cnn, hi5 and loads more. you can download the Beta from
    enjoy everyone!!!!

  2. fiasco Says:

    speedbit just released the new version and it does wortk with yourtube again – which is great!

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