Windows Live Mail interfaces sucks

Microsoft has refurbished the look and feel of its Hotmail service after a long time. You will be redirected to Windows Live Mail interface and well.. it doesnt look good to me!

Gosh! Look at that Banner announcing ‘Windows Live’ – Now that is a waste of real estate.

It tries hard to imitate OutlookExchange web interface (which I liked a lot) but fails badly! Its also slow on Firefox and Spam filtering just isn’t there!

Verdict – No reason to migrate yet!


One Response to “Windows Live Mail interfaces sucks”

  1. Robert Says:

    Yes, it is a waste of real estate, but running Firefox with adblock, those are a thing of the past. All I see is a nice, blue background.

    Ads bite the big one.

    I am glad I have many e-mail addresses that still use the old hotmail, otherwise I would give up on hotmail all together.

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