iRead iWoz

I just finished reading iWoz, the book by Stephen Wozniak co founder of Apple.


I picked the book after reading this review by Guy Kawazaki.

” Every engineer—and certainly every engineering student—should read this book….It is, in a nutshell, the engineer’s manifesto. ”

I think the book is true to that review. It is a conversational style prose and Wozniak starts from his early days and how he got into the world of electronics. He captures the enthusiasm of every inventor-engineer, the “eureka moment” when you know you solved a problem by yourself. That is the most important driver for any engineer and Woz has had helluva lot of those moments.

One thing I learnt from this book is that you need to have lot of patience and drive if you are going to build something. I mean, these days programming a computer is easy. The kind of languages we have and the IDE’s, the debuggers etc make things very easy compared to those days and still its kind of easy to get frustrated when things don’t work out after a few tries. Woz demonstrated that trait when he had to go through tiring multiple iterations to get the Apple I working.

His other advice is to work alone. That you are most creative when you are alone and its only then you can think loud enough to break the rules. So, its not a coincidence that most artists were loners.


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