Trouble with fake LAN card!

After installing Ubuntu (fiesty fawn), I learnt the hard truth that my LAN Card (supposedly a realtek 8139) is not compatible.

I tried doing $>lspci (which lists all PCI devices), I got this

01:08.0 Ethernet controller: Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Unknown device 2031 (rev 01)

Shit! I was fooled into buying a fake of Realtek card. My LAN card came packed in a box with the name Zebronics technologies. On googling, I learnt that all Zebronics and Intex LAN cards are fakes using the cheap chinese products.

These cards work on Windows XP (after installing some drivers. It is not plug and play.) but not on Linux. , so all I can do now is buy a VIA Rhino or D-Link lan card which should just work with Ubuntu.

Future buyers, beware. I repeat, do not buy Zebronics and Intex lan cards just because they are cheap.

Here are other links from which I got to know about this

UPDATE : see this on 2 ways to configure the Silan card on Ubuntu linux


8 Responses to “Trouble with fake LAN card!”

  1. Pai Says:

    One of my friend gave me this ‘Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Unknown device 2031 ‘ LAN Card. Windows XP it doesn’t have the driver for this NIC . I have FC7 in that it was detected and I am able to browse.

    thanks to your link I have downloaded the driver .I havnt checked it let me chk and reply ..


  2. sandeep Says:

    I was also cheated in the same way. I bought a Quantum network card which was supposed to have realtek chip. It works fine under windows XP but when i installed Fedora 6 i wasn’t able to browse.. i tried installing it using some of the ways i got to know from web thinking this is a REALTEK 8139D chipset card.. but to no avail..

    Finally i ran a command LSPCI on Fedora 6 which told me that it was a card mentioned above..

    Ethernet controller: Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Unknown device 2031

    I can’t do anything right now.. but i can tell you guys to not buy any product other than the original-company made ones.

    ANyway cheers..
    Life is good (at least beautiful to the eyes)!

  3. BackTrack cannot identify my network card !! - Linux Forums Says:

    […] really hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but it’s a fake card… not a Realtec. Link __________________ New to Linux? Frustrated? Please read this. Registered Linux User: […]

  4. George Says:

    Hmmm, I just bought one today. Same problem. Very well, I shall return it and make a fuss.

  5. mani Says:

    hi , yes i have intex lan card , i m using it on win xp , but this shit is not working , is just breaking( dropping ) connection with pc load , like when i run any small or big app this shit break connection
    it make me pissed off 😦

  6. prakash Says:

    Silan thing is supported in latest Linux kernels.but u may need to re-compile to enable the modules to be built supporting ur card.

  7. ajmal Says:

    so sucking card,ubuntu fawn hangs when configuring,
    i use cyberroam dont know how to configure,please reply if
    you can help me with installing cyberroam inside linux.i dont have clue.although atlast i installed the module into kernel
    but internet doesnt work

  8. Kannan Says:

    Intex LAN Cards are good for nothing. Don’t waste time installing or trying to make that to work. We all know that it won’t work. I am sure their others products will also behave the same way.

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