Configuring Hangzhou Silan on Ubuntu Linux

After a lot of searches on the net, I found 2 ways of using the fake RealTek (Hangzhou Silan) ethernet card on Ubuntu

1. Using NDISWrapper –

This is a wrapper which allows the Win XP drivers provided for the above card to work on Linux

Read more here and here.

2. Someone has written a driver for Linux and you can download it from here. The tar has a readMe file which has detailed instructions on how to configure it.

I tried both options and the network card is detected now but I when I try to set the IP, my system hangs. More updates later..


I tried  a lot to configure the ethernet card using the above options but failed to get it all done. Maybe my fake card is a third rate thing. Anyways, there is a hope that the next release of linux will have support for this card. But until then its back to Windows for me 😦


4 Responses to “Configuring Hangzhou Silan on Ubuntu Linux”

  1. Trouble with fake LAN card! « thoughts Says:

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  2. darshantandel Says:

    once the NIC is detected type
    ifconfig eth2 (IP)
    it worked for me

  3. Anatolii Says:

    Thanks, a lot!

  4. Sachin Says:


    Thanks a lot for the information. But, even I have such an Intex card which is failing to detect in Windows XP ,after I formatted my hard disk due to virus problems. I tried downloading the drivers from intex site but they are not working. Can anybody please send me the link for the drivers which can make atleast the card to work in WinXP leave about linux?


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