Twittering away

I failed to see the light in the beginning. Twitter which was basically introduced as a micro-blogging idea on the question of ‘What are you doing now?’ seemed pretty lame and not-very-useful to me.

But over time people have come up with finding the right applications of Twitter.

1. Twitter as a broadcast service. For emergency updates like California fires etc. Twitter is probably the fastest medium of information exchange.

2. Live News, stock quotes, sports scores. has been my way to know the latest scores the recent India v/s Australia test series

3. Apps like Buxfer, Remember the milk etc are using Twitter’s direct message functionality for simulating a command line interface to access the apps.

4. This blog details out how famous blogger Robert Scoble used Twitter to bring a press conference right in front of his audience. Journalism taken to a whole new level.

5. Ask for help. Have a problem with your PC or any app? Twitter away to get instant help.


1. I wish I could group people using tags/labels and send messages to a specific group say family, friends, etc..

2. Google should be on twitter too. I would then be able to query latest stock quotes/scores. But I guess they won’t do this since you can’t show Ads on a 140 char limit tweet 🙂



One Response to “Twittering away”

  1. Ashwin Says:

    Ooh, this baggygreen thingy is sweet for cricket scores. Thanks for this piece of information…

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