Checking out Google App Engine

I finally sat down to play around with Google’s App Engine a couple of days back and the first thing that strikes you is how easy it is!

Taking the idea from Swaroop CH’s Productive Home Page, I wrote a small Start Page app where you can configure your favorite links for easy access. It hardly took an hour to write the code itself and the most time consuming part was getting an App name (“istartpage” in my case) because the good app names were already taken!



The SDK is very easy to work with and even simulates a login interface if you plan to use the Google Accounts sign-on for your app. But I found the template engine a little difficult to use. Rather than using built-in tags, why not allow just plain Python code in a template like it is in JSP‘s in Java .

App Engine provides a dashboard for your app where you can view/filter logs, view/delete table data etc.

All in all, a good platform to create hobby apps.


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