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How to download youtube and google videos?

July 28, 2007

Here are some ways to download YouTube videos.

Personally, I like the ‘The All-In-One Video Bookmarklet’ which is hassle free and works well. This way, the files are saved in flv format which can be played on VLC player

 Video DownloadHelper is also a great Firefox add on which accomplishes the same thing. It shows up neatly across the addressbar and when a video site it can help with shows up, it notifies without being intrusive at all.


Accelerate Youtube videos with Speedbit

May 7, 2007

Just came across this download – SpeedBit Video Accelerator for Youtube. As the name suggests, it speeds up youtube videos so that there no breaks while watching the video.

It is basically re routes the download to its own servers where smart algorithms use multi channeling to download videos. I did find a significant improvement in video streaming using it! But sadly, its available only for Windows OS’s ­čśŽ